SendHub’s SMS API Professional Services

At SendHub, we believe in providing not only the best SMS solution but also ongoing professional services and a dedicated support team. Our specialized team members are committed to helping you meet your SMS needs and project goals with our personalized API integration. From automation to marketing and reporting to CRM integrations, our SMS API can handle it all.

How SMS API Integration Benefits Your Business Communications

In our technologically advancing world, people are no longer responding to phone calls or checking their emails as often as before. Only one form of digital communication has reigned supreme over the years: text messaging. Successful businesses are using texting apps to grow their company, increase revenue and enjoy a simpler communication method with customers, employees and vendors.

An SMS API is a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to send text messages quickly and efficiently. As your communication needs evolve over time, we can help design and implement an SMS API integration that best fits your needs. Our goal is to help you facilitate a seamless flow of information between SendHub and your everyday programs.

Benefits of SMS API Integration

Automation for Better Productivity and Efficiency

Automation is a key ingredient to a modern marketing plan. Our SMS API integration allows you to automate the process of sending and receiving your text messages. These automations can make your workflows perform faster, thereby increasing your overall productivity and work efficiency.

Automated SMS messages can help you ensure that your customers are always up-to-date with important notifications, information and urgent alerts, such as:

  • Appointment and event reminders
  • Recruitment status updates
  • Delivery confirmations and notifications
  • Security code verifications, 2-form factor authentications and password resets

The automation of tasks using SMS API allows for time-sensitive messages to be scheduled and sent at precisely the right times. SendHub’s SMS API integration can help you seamlessly distribute your messages without any manual involvement. This lets you better allocate resources and focus more on delivering excellent customer SMS communication.

Greater Visibility and Tracking

All outgoing and incoming messages are time stamped and archived for easy visibility and retrieval. You can track all your conversations and have easy access to each thread, keeping your communication in context. Additionally, SendHub offers analytics and reporting so that your company has the graphs, insights and usage analytics to measure the effectiveness of your SMS messages.

SendHub’s webhooks offer instant notification of inbound messages, allowing you to get real-time feedback on messages and capture opt-outs in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Using a business texting app is the new way for organizations to get their message out and read quickly. Our SMS API gives you access to enhanced speed and reliability. You can send text messages to up to 500 contacts at the same time within seconds from your own desktop or mobile device.

Integration with Other Platforms

SendHub’s SMS API integration works across all the important programs that you use every day. This allows you to manage your text messaging directly within SendHub’s business SMS messaging marketing platform. Our software makes your user experience easier and simpler, and provides a more cohesive view of your overall communications.

For our clients who have an existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, SendHub can be easily integrated with our SMS API. By integrating these pieces of software, your company can build your own SMS solution to reach existing clients and employees. Your SendHub contacts can also be synced to your CRM, giving you a fully functional contact database.

Let Us Help You Automate!

Our SMS API integration brings greater automation, efficiency and flexibility to your business communications. Let us help you automate and save your team engineering time and the hassle of coding and programming!

Don’t have an efficient platform that helps you automate your SMS campaigns? Get started with SendHub today! Our API Specialists can help you integrate our SMS marketing software with the tools that are important to you that you use everyday. Fill out our Professional Services Quote Form if you would like to add API access to your SendHub account. We look forward to learning more about your project requirements and working with you to accomplish your goals!