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High Volume SMS Marketing with SendHub’s Special Toll-Free Bulk SMS Messaging Options.

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Mass Text with Your Own Dedicated Short Code

Short codes are 5-6 digit phone numbers that companies and other organizations use for sending high-volume bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Sending a mass text message has many benefits, especially if you want your message read fast. E-mail is becoming a second-tier marketing outlet, and some would even say e-mail is becoming a thing of the past, compared to SMS marketing because a mass text has such a higher open-rate than e-mail.

Mass Text with SendHub Today

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SendHub offers customers the option to add short code to their plan when they upgrade to a custom plan and purchase their own random or vanity short code. In order to get on a plan with our short code, you will have to go through an application process that we can guide you through. Unfortunately, spam is a problem in the text messaging industry and so it is required to go through an application process to obtain your own dedicated short code.

Immediately SendHub a Mass Text with SendHub’s Short Code

Unlike traditional long code phone numbers, also known as ten digit phone numbers, short codes allow you to send high volume text messaging campaigns in a very short period of time. Regular ten digit phone numbers are rate-limited to about one message per second whereas short code can send 100 messages per second. Regular ten digit phone numbers with local area codes are not useful for any application that expects to handle a very substantial volume of text messages or for anyone wanting to send a text message to 250 people or more. 

Brilliance in a Five to Six Digit Number

SendHub offers customers the option to purchase their own dedicated short code. A dedicated short code can be a random short code or a vanity short code. A random short code is one that is assigned to you while a vanity short code is a 5-6 digit number that you choose.  Short codes are a short number that make it easy to remember and drive engagement with your audience. Short codes are perfect for a mass text message marketing campaign. You can set up text-to-join keywords with short code which allows your audience to opt-in to receiving texts from you. As a result, your contact list will grow! SendHub’s SMS marketing software will make texting from a short code very easy for your entire team.

Be Unique, Get Your Own Dedicated Short Code

Vanity and Random Short Codes Available with SendHub

SendHub offers vanity and random short codes to all the unique companies out there who want their own dedicated short code. A vanity short code would be a 5-6 digit number that you choose and a random would be a 5-6 digit number that is chosen for you. These dedicated short codes have a premium price. You get premium support and one-on-one attention with your dedicated short code. SendHub’s SMS marketing software is set up to allow enterprises to manage their dedicated short codes. SendHub has the capacity to manage multiple bulk SMS campaigns from multiple dedicated short codes.

Toll free SMS is the way of the future.

Get one branded voice-enabled and text-enabled toll free number.

With SendHub’s SMS marketing software, there’s more than just short code for sending your mass text. Toll free numbers have the same SMS mass marketing benefits of a vanity short code and the voice benefits of ten digit local long code number, but with a better price. Our sales team would be happy to do a deep dive into toll free SMS and voice with you. This, along with other added-benefits and industry changes, is why we also offer special toll free numbers for high volume messaging. With a special toll free number, you have your own branded line for high volume SMS as well as your one-on-one communication. The line is your own and you don’t have to share it. Plus, a special toll free number can also receive calls. Give your customers one less thing to think about, let them call and text you on one business line.

To discuss SendHub short code or toll free SMS messaging options please contact sales. Our short codes can send 100 messages per second in contrast to long code, which can only send 1 messages per second.

SendHub's MMS & Attachments and Analytics & Reporting

SendHub’s MMS & Attachments

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words.

Leave a lasting impression with your audience by texting them an image. Get on a custom plan with outbound MMS for premium image quality shown right within your text message. If you do not get on a custom plan with outbound MMS and you attach an image, you will send a link to your audience where they will see your image hosted on SendHub’s cloud.

SendHub’s allows you to send outbound MMS messages on your one-on-one conversations or on a mass text marketing blast through your own short code or toll free number. One major benefit is that all of our plans come with inbound MMS included. This is especially great for anyone looking to receive inbound text messages with images included on them.

Analytics & Reporting with SendHub

SendHub has a new and improved robust analytics dashboard! Our analytics can help you measure SMS deliverability. It will generate reports to show you why certain messages did not get delivered. 

SendHub analytics will help you succeed with your SMS and voice needs. From our analytics page, you will be able to export messaging and voice data from individual lines or from your entire account.

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