Here at SendHub we think it’s time for texting to get professional.

All the reasons that make text messaging so popular for personal use translate to a wide range of business uses. Up until now, SMS, MMS, and messaging in general haven’t been treated as a serious form of communication. Without a proper solution built with businesses use in mind, today’s business messaging is often just a patchwork of mismatched tools and hacks. By offering powerful tools in an easy, intuitive user interface we’re empowering companies to use SMS more effectively.

Today’s update comes on the heels of a series of updates we’ve made in the past few months including: inbound MMS supportinbox redesignbadgesthread controls, and mark messages as unread.

What we’ve heard from our most active messaging customers is they want an inbox as easy to manage as their favorite email provider, mixed with the productivity benefits of their favorite task management software.

Today we’re thrilled to finally deliver what we’ve been working on. Welcome to your new SendHub business messaging solution- the SMS inbox that makes everyone a power user.

New SendHub Messaging Inbox

The new inbox and the features included, improve speed and productivity, making it possible for individual users and teams alike to save time in their day-to-day workflows. We’ve also made it even easier to collaborate with teams while using SendHub on the web. All of these features and the new messaging inbox are available to all of our customers use on the web starting today.

When you start using the new SendHub Messaging Inbox you’ll immediately notice these improvements and benefits:

  • Speed & efficiency: Get more done faster by using bulk actions to edit multiple threads at once rather than one by one.
  • Organization: Better organize your SendHub inbox by starring messages. Access starred messages later by filtering the inbox to only show starred messages.

New Messaging Features

  • Starred Threads: Use stars to mark which threads are important, those which need a reply, or threads meant for a colleague.  Only you can see if you’ve starred a thread.
  • Bulk Actions: Interact with your inbox in ways never before possible. Mark threads unread in bulk, star, and delete threads.
  • Filter by starred thread from the inbox: Quickly navigate through tons of messages and threads to find your most important or relevant threads.

How Do These New Features Work?

Starring & Unstarring Threads

  • To star a thread, click on the star icon on the left side of a thread in your inbox.  That’s it.

inbox all messages

  • You can also star a thread by clicking into a thread and clicking on the star on the top left.


Bulk Actions (Delete, Star, Mark As Read/Unread):

  • You can star, mark as read/unread, and delete multiple threads at the same time by clicking on the checkboxes on the left side of your threads in your inbox (or by clicking the button titled “Select All”.
  • After you have selected the threads that you wish to star, click on “Actions”, and click “Star/Delete/Mark As Read or Unread”.
  • All of the threads will be updated at once.


Note: Once threads are deleted, they are deleted forever.  There is no way to undo this action.

Filter Inbox By Starred Threads:

  • While logged into SendHub, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the inbox label, and click “Starred”.


What Can I Do With SMS?

Still looking for some inspiration or guidance for how to incorporate SMS into your communication mix? We have lots of great resources to get you started.

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