Text recruiting is becoming a popular solution for many businesses to have in order to modernize their hiring processes. Not only are job seekers able to have more direct lines of communication with employers, but also companies are able to streamline their screening and onboarding processes. With a 99% open rate, text recruiting is the most efficient way to gain a response.

Text messaging is also much more personable than cold calling candidates. A phone call in the middle of the day by an unknown number is likely to be ignored, sent to voicemail or even blocked. However, when you text clients, all the information you are wanting to give goes right into their pocket – now all they have to do is respond.

How Text Recruiting Can Improve Your Hiring Process

The possibilities are endless when it comes to text recruiting. Here are some recruiting text message examples and ways recruiters can use text messaging to their advantage:

1. Screen candidates efficiently

Now, it’s easier than ever to compile a list of qualified candidates. Text recruiting makes it quick and easy to get answers for minimum requirements needed for a job listing.

  • Hi {First Name}, have you received a highschool diploma or equivalant? Please respond with Yes, No or Help for more information.
  • Hello {First Name}, a CPA certificate is mandatory for {Job Title}, have you received yours? Please reply with Yes, No or Help for more information.
  • Hi {First Name}, having a Class D license for at least 1 year is required for {Job Title} at {Company Name}, do you have yours and if so, for how long?

2. Post job listings

Anyone currently in the job market is flooded with job listings in their email inbox. Stand out from the crowd and send a text – quick and straight to the point.

  • Hi {First Name}, {Company} is now hiring for a {Job Title} to join their team! You would be a top candidate for this position, click {Application Link} to apply!

3. Scheduling purposes

It can potentially take upwards of 2-4 days of back and forth emails and phone calls to schedule just one interview. Unanswered calls and emails, constant voicemails and cluttered email inboxes are just some of the troubles that recruiters face. However, texting a few dates and times for an interview is trouble-free and increases the chance of receiving a response.

  • Hi {First Name}, thank you for your interest in {Job Title}. We would like to invite you for an interview, do any of the following times and days work: {Insert various dates and times}.
  • Hello {First Name}, we were impressed by your application and would like to invite you to the 1st round of interviews. Please click this link {Calendar Link} to schedule an interview.

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Text Recruiting Communication Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to reaching out to new candidates via texting, make sure to keep in mind the following tips and best practices:

1. Make a personable connection

Do: Be approachable and speak with sincerity. Let candidates know what the opportunity is and how it benefits them and aligns with their career goals.

Hi {First Name}, I have a great opportunity for you, right in your field! Lion Marketing is looking for a new graphic designer and you’d be a top candidate for the position. Let me know if this interests you and I’d be happy to share more details.

Don’t: Use language that makes the opportunity sound like a sales pitch. Instead, talk about the opportunity as something the candidate could learn and grow from.

2. Engage with your candidate.

Do: Gauge the candidate’s interest. Discuss what kind of professional and personal skills they can learn and develop, as well as what opportunities for growth the position offers.

Hi {First Name}, we’re looking for a candidate who demonstrates a strong passion for digital marketing, a deep commitment to customer success and satisfaction and a thirst for learning and tackling new challenges. If you’re creative and ready to contribute towards larger marketing initiatives, then this is the role for you!

Don’t: List the job requirements without providing any background information to what responsibilities are expected of the position.

3. Reinforce the candidate’s value.

Do: Let the candidate know the value they bring into the position and how important they will be to the overall success of the business.

Hi {First Name}! While helping {Company Name} achieve business objectives, this position will give you the opportunity to work alongside diverse skill sets in collaborative projects while fostering meaningful professional relationships in the workplace. We look forward to connecting with you soon and discussing how both you and {Company Name} can benefit from this partnership!

Don’t: Prioritize the company’s needs over the candidate’s. Instead, focus on how both parties have something to offer each other.

4. Follow-up with prospects.

Do: Always thank the candidate for their time and interest in applying at your company. Let them know it was a pleasure to get to know them and reiterate their value as a potential employee.

Hi {First Name}, it was a pleasure speaking with you today! I appreciated your enthusiasm and great ideas on how to increase brand awareness. Please let me know if you have any further questions on anything we discussed today. I will touch base with you next week. Have a great weekend!

Don’t: Say something like “We’ll be in touch soon” then suddenly ghost the candidate without any updates. Instead, continue to use text messaging to build relationships with candidates to keep them interested in your company and open to future opportunities.

Start Text Recruiting Today!

If you choose to leverage text recruiting in your hiring processes, make sure you’re following the rules. Though very convenient and useful, text messaging still has guidelines on compliance that must be followed, or else it can feel like an invasion of privacy and will give you, as a recruiter, and your company a bad reputation. Refer to SendHub’s blog on the Double Opt-in method and SMS compliance for more information.

Texting new talent is one of the fastest and most successful ways to get them to apply. Ready to start text recruiting? SendHub’s easy-to-use SMS platform allows recruiters to easily connect candidates to job listings, increase application completion rates and remind people of interview times. We can help you build a better talent funnel from sourcing to onboarding. Sign up for a free trial today or contact our Sales Team if you have any immediate questions.