As businesses start to reopen, having an effective way to communicate with your customers is necessary to get your business back into the swing of things. An SMS marketing strategy is an excellent way to get multiple points across to consumers during your businesses reopening efforts. Texting through SendHub is the perfect solution to communicate with your customers, with a 99% open rate, your chances of a customer actually seeing your message heightens tremendously and you are now able to make a personal connection with them. Not only that, but calls from unknown numbers are frequently ignored, email inboxes are flooded with spam, and business websites are a pain to update and advertise.

Besides letting your customers know that you’re open, it’s now more important than ever to communicate new guidelines that are needed to stop the spread of Covid-19. Any and all businesses can use text messaging to communicate with customers during their reopening efforts. Retail shops, restaurants, schools, and more can all get their businesses back into the swing of things by using SMS marketing to effectively and efficiently connect with customers.

Here are a few SMS marketing examples that your business can incorporate into their reopening efforts:

SMS Marketing Tip 1: New Business Hours & Safety Protocols

Let customers know your new hours of operation and what safety guidelines they must adhere to at their arrival.

“Good News! Queen Hair Salon is now open Monday-Sunday, 10am-5pm! Facial coverings are required to enter, no more than 9 people in the salon at a time, temperature will be taken upon entry, & please maintain a 6ft distance when you get here. We look forward to seeing you!” 

“Happy Friday! Taste of Italy is open again with our new outdoor patio dining at our usual business hours! M-TH 11am-9pm, Weekends 11am-10:30pm.”

SMS Marketing Tip 2: Contactless Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Use text messaging to communicate with customers for curbside pickup and delivery. SMS makes it so all parts of the pickup and delivery remain contactless, keeping you and the customer safe!

“Order #123456 from Zip Electronics is ready. Please text, 555-878-9394 with the word ‘here’ when you arrive & a team member will meet you at your vehicle”

“Hi Mary, your order from Romans Pizza has been left at your doorstep. Please text or call 800-234-567 if you have any issues with your order, thanks!” 

SMS Marketing Tip 3: Scheduling & Rescheduling Appointments

Plenty of businesses had to abruptly cancel appointments at the beginning of the pandemic. As your business reopens, text past customers to re-book their appointments or let new customers know that they quickly schedule an appointment with just a text!

“Hi Rachel, Rapid Bootcamp is open again with all new socially distanced outdoor fitness classes! Can I schedule you for a class? Please let me know your availability!”

“Polished Wax Center is now open and taking clients! Click this link {insert link} and book your appointment now and get beautiful summer skin!”

SMS Marketing Tip 4: SMS Campaigns

Let your customers know about sales and marketing campaigns through text – with a 99% open rate, they are sure to see it.

“Blue Lake Sporting is having 15% your entire purchase from 10/15/2020-10/17/2020! Come now, this sale ends fast! Limit of 10 customers at a time, mask needed upon entry”

SMS Marketing Tip 5: Personal Check-Ins

A personal check-in with your customers and peers is an amazing way to boost morale during these times. A simple text helps you stay connected and increases the chance of a reply, leading to a real conversation. Businesses aren’t the only ones who can utilize this, places of worship can use texting as a way to send prayers and words of wisdom all through SMS.

“St.Francis of Assisi Church is here for you during these times. Please let us know if you need any assistance during these times, we are just a text away!” 

Use SendHub’s SMS Marketing Tools To Help Your Business Reopen Today!

SendHub can help your business communicate with its customers faster and easier than ever through SMS. During these unprecedented times, it’s now more important than ever to have constant communication with your consumers and to have a quick and effective way to connect with them. Ready to give SMS marketing a try?  Sign up for a free trial account here! Feel free to contact our Sales Team if you have any immediate questions or reach us at 844-736-3482 and Press 1 for Sales.