The holidays are one of the busiest times for business. By using a holiday SMS campaign to communicate with leads and customers, your business can be on top of its game this holiday season. Check out 5 reasons how a holiday SMS messaging campaign can help your business during the holidays!

1. Offer Special Deals To Those Who Opt-In

With a business text messaging service you can advertise your phone number with a keyword that potential customers can opt-in to. By doing this you can incentivize consumers to opt-in for your deals, increase sales, and expand your contact list. When creating your campaign, you aren’t buckled down to just one keyword – use a multitude of keywords to distinguish different holiday deals, special promotions, or have unique keywords for each one of your stores. Multiple keywords are also a great way to keep customers engaged, for example, have a keyword of the week that customers can opt-in to and get special deals unavailable to the public. Here are some of our favorite ways you can use the opt-in feature in your next holiday SMS messaging campaign.

“It’s the season of giving! Text Give to 555-342-8769 and receive special discounts and promotions for your next purchase at {business name}”

“Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021. {Business Name} is ringing in the New Year with a special deal to make 2021 even brighter, text Firework to 345-555-0990 to get a free donut with your next coffee!”

“Text Presents to 555-342-8769 to be entered into {Business Name} 12 days of Christmas Giveaway! We’re picking a winner every day for the next 12 days, text before it’s too late!

2. Use Holiday SMS To Update Holiday Hours

We all know that moment when you need to get your last-minute holiday shopping done and the store has closed early or the shipping time goes past the holidays. With a 99% open rate, a text message to your customers is the best way to communicate new store hours and shipping times so that they can gather all of their holiday goodies in time. Update your customers weekly by texting them store hours and letting them the last dates get their online orders purchased to get in before the holidays. Besides holiday hours and shipping, shopping in general is different this year. Check out these examples:

“Hey Anna, don’t forget to order any holiday gifts from {website name} before December 13th to ensure they arrive before December 24th, 2020!”

“Diverse Salon will be closed December 23rd, 24th & 25th for the holiday season. Please book your appointments through {website name} as soon as possible to ensure you look glamorous for the holidays!”

“{Store name} will be closing at 2pm on Thanksgiving day. The rest of November we will be open from 8am-7pm, hope to see you soon!”

3. Advertise Holiday Events With An Image Through MMS

The holidays are a peak time for families and friends to go out together and enjoy the season. Use holiday SMS to promote any upcoming events or specialty items that consumers can come enjoy. Instead of sending a text, you can send an MMS as a virtual invite with all the details. At SendHub, you have the ability to easily send still and moving images like GIFs to captivate your audience. Have a live band coming to play? Special holiday treats on the menu? Tree lighting ceremony? Use an MMS to catch the viewer’s eye and boost your event through a holiday SMS campaign! Learn more about using MMS in your next marketing campaign. 

4. Update Safety & Health Regulations As The Holidays Approach

In-person shopping will not be the same this year, and it’s important to communicate that with your contact list. Use your holiday SMS campaign to assure your customers of the precautions your business is taking to ensure everyone is safe and healthy. With deals like Black Friday and tons of holiday travel, it’s necessary to let everyone know how to enter your store, max capacities, and any new guidelines in place.

“Happy Holidays! Bear Creek Resort is booking for half capacity, please go to {website link} and book your stay today!”

“{Business name} black Friday sale is still happening! We will be allowing 35 customers in at a time, the rest must wait in the socially distanced line. Mask/face coverings are required, no mask = no entry.

5. Spread Holiday Cheer Through Holiday SMS

Use this season to connect with your contact list and spread some cheer through holiday SMS messaging. A simple holiday SMS or fun themed MMS can make the world of a difference to your customer. Give thanks to your customer for being such a great customer and let them know that your company appreciates their business. Or send a fun MMS wishing them happy holidays and a happy new year.

Learn More About Starting A Holiday SMS Campaign Today!

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