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SendHub for Salesforce SMS

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SendHub for Salesforce SMS includes:

  • 2-way SMS from Salesforce Leads
  • 2-way SMS from Salesforce Contacts
  • 2-way SMS from Salesforce Opportunities
  • 2-way SMS from Salesforce Cases
  • 2-way SMS from Salesforce Campaigns
  • SMS automations with Salesforce Process Builder, workflows, and APEX
  • More

SendHub custom solutions include:

  • Text and voice enabled toll-free and local numbers
  • Shared, dedicated, and random short codes
  • Custom call flows
  • Web-based and mobile applications
  • Call trees and multi-level call attendant
  • Multi-location deployments
  • More
"I found SendHub not only easy to use, but simple and to set up as well. One of the best out-of-the-box solutions for any business solutions today."

Frederick Hutson, CEO, Pigeonly