Business SMS

Mobile technology is the lifeline of startups providing new on-demand services, from rideshare to laundry service to gourmet meals. Why not apply the same principles to the home landscaping industry? Lawn Love is using SendHub to manage a growing fleet of lawn techs across ten cities, and the whole operation is powered via business text messaging. This startup’s faster-than-ever service and tech-savvy business model make it a clear leader in the marketplace. And it’s all thanks to professional SMS communication.

  • Check out our new case study with Lawn Love to find out:
  • How an outdated texting platform was limiting the operations team
  • Real-life example of what SendHub can do for a mobile workforce
  • Measurable results including improved performance
    and cost savings

Download our Lawn Love case study for the full story.

“We are bringing a high tech solution to a traditionally low tech industry, SendHub allows us to communicate directly with lawn techs via text or voice, and they don’t even need a smartphone.”
-Jeremy Yamaguchi, Lawn Love


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